100 stories (about me) of the year


【100 stories (about me) of the year】Exhibition

Stories of people are the prototype of our history. In the past year, the stories in everyday livings of each Hong Kong person (no matter where you were or have been) are the basic elements weaving our history, no matter how trivial of such stories. Such stories should not be covered by the arguments in our society.

We have launched a scheme inviting 100 Hong Kong people to share with his/her story at this moment to review the occasions happened in past year.

The scheme is undergoing and we discover tremendous efforts are needed. We therefore seek for your help in the following two ways:

I. Being our storyteller:
1. Complete the questionnaire namely “100 pieces of story from 100 Hong Kong people in this specific year”( Click here )

2. Tell us your story with an item representing your story for two hours (we will record your story in a way as you wish)

3. You may also introduce one of your friends to participate the scheme

4. Our artist Humchuk will tailor-make a zine of your story and give you as a gift.

II. Being our supporter:
1. We need at least HKD100,000 to support the necessary manpower, resources and exhibition spaces for the scheme. Any remaining funding will be used to organize extra exhibitions in Hong Kong or overseas.

2. We also expected to organize art and storytelling workshops during the exhibition period to saturate the experience of Hong Kong people in past year. In addition, we will make a video to deeply record the stories from 10 selected storytellers. Your support on the materials, tutors, filming, editing and post-production expenses is highly appreciated.

3. If you would like to be a supporter of us (e.g. donation, offering exhibition spaces, becoming a volunteer of us), or if you would like to understand more about the scheme, you are welcomed to fill in the form and return to us .( Click here )

If you present the donation receipt, irrespective of the donation amount, you can visit the exhibition for free and we will offer you a small souvenir.

Let's record our own history. Please join us.

1. Nam's family

It is hard to say love. It might be embarrassing but everyone needs to study love. If the 7-month-protest is the battle which stems from the love of Hong Kong, Let us strive till the end and learn to safeguard our home.

2. Jason's Backpack

'As sons, or I believe that all the youth protestors have considered their families.'

3. LW's Tears

She agreed to wait for me. I hadn’t got any chances to check my phone since then, and this was the last whatsapp message I received that day.

4. Nobody's Story of Fun

“Nobody” referred to himself as just an ordinary and typical Hongkonger. He was one of the millions who joined the protests.

5. Ah Fai’s Story of Guilt

Stepping forward in the summer of 2019, many were merely onlookers of the Umbrella Revolution without active participation but screw up the courage to march on the streets in this second chance.

6. Lok's Story

All the Hongkongers in Taiwan might have the same goal or feel the same emotion. At that moment, it was me who was waving the placards, but so were you too.

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