Jason's Backpack

Jason's Backpack

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'As sons, or I believe that all the youth protestors have considered their families.' ──Frontline Protestor Jason

University student Jason, who used to be caught, participated in the movement as frontline protestor and support crew. His parents acknowledge but disapprove of his enthusiasm in the movement. 'Both sides are wrong”, his father claims himself politically neutral; his mother sometimes jokes on him, describing Jason as “cockroaches” or “rioters”. Jason once thought of fighting back but he never did, 'We are families.'

However, after The siege of the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) on 2019 November, family's quarrel was ingnited. Before leaving home to the Campus with friends, Jason borrowed father's backpack. At that moment, parents were on vacation and would not use the backpack. Later on, he was shot by blue water cannon and lost the backpack in chaos.

Finally, Jason returned home which was not easy. Knowing that the backpack was lost, mother chased Jason and shouted: 'Father's name cards are in the backpack. Won't your father be arrested if the police found them?'

'You just care about the backpack but you never ask me how I am after getting shot by water cannon.' Jason was full of anger, as parents weigh an object more than himself. He also doubt why parents comment the government is wrong but do nothing; while fiercely criticizing him not care about family and their feelings. He felt wronged, 'As sons, or I believe that all the youth protestors have considered their families.'

What does Jason wanna hear from parents? ' They better shut up.' Jason made a short reply. He explained that as parents rarely understands motto and actions of the protestors, what they gonna say are just condemned words. He does not seek for recognition. Besides, though sometimes he can feel the kindness from their words, 'they don't know how to express but make people feel offended indeed. What's the point of saying that?'

After few days, Jason's anger is gone. He thought the question again and changed his mind, I do not long for words like 'I love you, son”, but just say 'thank you'.' When coming home, he just long for these two words.

Jason's Backpack
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