Nobody's Story of Fun

Nobody's Story of Fun

Text / Sandy

“Nobody” referred to himself as just an ordinary and typical Hongkonger. He was one of the millions who joined the protests.

Like many Hong Konger, he had lost hope in democratic movements in Hong Kong after the Umbrella Movement. However, after seeing a million people going onto the streets and fighting for democracy on 9th June 2019, as well as the strike organized by students on 12th June 2019, he has actively participated in the movement. Even when his physical condition deteriorated, he still provided support to the frontline protestors. Yet the PolyU incident started to crash him down mentally. “The police brutality has been excessive since June, but what happened in PolyU was too excessive and unacceptable. I realised I had to withdraw myself for a while.”

Trauma is an overwhelming experience. Like many Hongkongers, he was deeply traumatized by the PolyU incident. He entered a state of being “frozen” and refused to receive news from the external world. He was barely able to maintain his daily life from December to February. It was one of the protestors he met in Lai Chi Kok Reception Center who encouraged him to pull himself together. "I was not close to him. We organized some events together before, but we did not have much contact since then. I heard that he was arrested in the PolyU incident and was charged with a serious crime, “ said Nobody.

"I am really weak in sports. Since I can’t help much at the frontline, is there other way for me to support the movement?”

Therefore, he began to write on social media, documenting some small stories. Yes, these seem irrelevant, but they can maintain the momentum of the movement, so that Hongkongers still remember the movement. He hopes to contribute in any way he can.

This is what he wrote. In fact, his words are better than his speech.

I kept a scene deep in my mind.

During one of the protests, a huge object crossed our sight. “Wow”, everyone nearby was surprised. It was a trebuchet made on-the-spot, with its rod almost 3 to 4 metres long. It reminded me of the game AOE II. It was as if our technological level kept evolving and we finally reached the Stone Age!

 “It just had an ice-cream cone as the holder. When it swings, would it lose its balance? And with this lengthy rod, it might not have enough power” I said. “Huh, I didn’t know you studied Physics before” said one of my friends. “Yes” I said. “Then what’s your results in HKDSE?” “……Two points.” My response immediately drew laughters from them (and myself). 

“Hey, stay out of the way, we have to shoot now!” The trebuchet producers shouted. People on the street quickly receded to the side. While we should continue and move forward, we were curious about its impact and stopped to see the outcome.

“Ready? Three, two, one!” Two to three people pressed the rod vigorously.

With a “pop” sound, the trebuchet made a loud noise. However, it was not the sound of shooting, rather, it was the sound of a broken rod.

The street was immediately filled with a joyful atmosphere, “Nothing, nothing happened. You are good to go.” The trebuchet producer announced to the crowd. “Imperfect but acceptable. We can still make improvements next time.” Someone responded and clapped their hands. There were also scattered applauses in the background.

After some chaos, people continued along the protesting route. It turned out that we haven’t really entered the “Stone Age”. 

Among the friends who protested with me this time, I was already very familiar with some of them before the movement. But in addition, I also reconnected with some old friends and met new friends because of this movement. Yes, the pain is too tremendous for us to bear, but we can still grasp these tiny and beautiful little things in our life, from time to time.

Nobody's Story of Fun
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