LW’s tears

LW’s tears

Text / Sandy

Back in February this year, I received a story shared by LW on his questionnaire. It made me emotional hence I have decided to speak to him.

Here is his story:

“Before I got arrested I was supposed to meet up with someone I like, and I prepared a gift for her. I sent her a whatsapp message to tell her about the gift and made a promise that everything will be alright tonight. She agreed to wait for me. I hadn’t got any chances to check my phone since then, and this was the last whatsapp message I received that day.

I was trying to escape when I got chased by the police. They grabbed my backpack and I tried so hard to fight back. I wasn’t thinking too much at that moment - I wasn’t afraid of losing my personal belongings, but instead I was just trying to keep my promise to stay safe and keep the gift safe inside my backpack.

I got admitted into hospital and a friend helped me pass the gift to her eventually. I haven’t got any chances to tell her my feelings... and she began a relationship with someone else later. I know deep in my heart there’s always a place for her...and whenever I think of not being able to send her the gift in person, it made me kind of emotional.”

We chatted online for more than an hour, and I knew more about what he has gone through and how he is transformed. It’s a lot more touching to hear his story in person than just read the texts here. Perhaps a lot of us have a common question in mind: “what makes a story so moving?” Maybe LW’s suffering somewhat deeply resonates with our pain, and that’s the humanity we commonly share. The pain that always comes with love and disappointment, is what connects us all.

I was being asked about the purpose of collecting others’ stories. Do they only serve as some sort of reminders for Hong Kongers, so that we won’t forget what we have gone through? For sure I hope these stories can be heard and remembered before they disappear. But there’s something more - I believe the ‘connection’ between stories of LW and others all become part of us.

Years ago when my mother passed away, all my family members believed she had gone to heaven. “She’s still part of your lives, and you all live as her continuity.” - the priest reminded us of the connection we shared. Because of this connection, the stories and memories we shared would never be disappeared.

Does LW’s story somewhat connect with yours?

LW’s tears
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