Dialogue across Differences

Dialogue across Differences (II): When conversations are inevitable, how does one avoid being irritated?

Political stances and arguments could look like a fire scene. Before conversing with the people outside our echo chamber, we must be prepared by getting rid of possible source of fire, understanding the reasons of a fire, and knowing how to put out one in order to walk through the challenges in the scene.Read more…..

Dialogue across Differences (i): Rift over political views: how did that happen?

After the wave of Anti-Extradition Law Amendment Bill Movement, COVID-19 posed another wave of challenges to Hongkongers’ core values. From families, schools to workplaces, we are constantly involved in the wider social conflict. Even though we do not initiate the discussion, even though we do not label people in colours, our relationships with people can easily be ripped apart due to differences in political views. There seems to be no way out.Read more…..

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