Emotional Transformation

The Transformation of Social Trauma: Power-Under and Politics

During these war-ridden days, no one, right at the frontlines or back in the living rooms, could evade from feeling restless and worried. As arrested protestors were released or put into court, where some were abused, some even raped, the dreadful damage to our body and mind brought by the long-winded social movement had gradually surfaced. How collective trauma affects our political behaviour is an urgent political matter to be discussed. Steven Wineman’s book, Power Under: Trauma and Nonviolent Social Change (2003), might shed some light to us.Read more…..

Willis Ho|The Dark Reality 

Willis Ho was sentenced to 13 months' imprisonment for unlawful assembly for protesting against North East New Development Areas Planning. She was sentenced to 100 days' imprisonment after a successful appeal.

100 days' imprisonment might seem relatively mild compared with what protesters in Hong Kong face today. For this reason, Willis carefully considered and weighed her words before sharing her views because they would pale in comparison with protesters' experience.

She still dares to face the camera because she wants to say to companions who face charges, "You've done nothing wrong." Someone wrote this to her in a letter during imprisonment. That became her light in darkness, which was also key to her personal transformation.Read more…..

Coming Back to Life with You

'Silencing our deepest responses to the condition of our world not only fosters a sense of futility but also mires us in it. Each act of denial, conscious or unconscious, is an abdication of our power to respond. It relegates us to the role of victim before we even see what we can and want to do.'

– Joanna Macy & Molly Brown 

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