Emotional Support


Stay with the arrested (I): Jaco Chau's training of emotions

Jaco Chau has taken part in social movements for ten years and been arrested more than 20 times. He had a presence in nearly every social movement including the anti-WTO protest, the anti-high speed rail movement and the 2013 Hong Kong dock strike. He truly deserves the name of a "valiant protester", who experienced excessive force used by the police when the latter were still not described as "black cops". Jaco says if he is being battered by police, he will try to deal with his emotions and consolidate his will. At a time when the police use particularly excessive force, this kind of emotional assistance and training of one's will become more crucial.Read more……

Stay with the arrested (II): Johnson Yeung's Being there

After joining the march in Central and Western District in Hong Kong on 28 July 2019, Johnson Yeung Ching Yin was held under detention in a sauna-like car park of Kwai Chung Division Police Station, where he meditated to pass time. Johnson holds a HKU master of laws (LL.M) program in human rights at the University of Hong Kong and is a board member of Amnesty International Hong Kong.Read more……


15-minute exercise of self-listening ( Cantonese )

If you wish to take care of your feelings, please turn on the audio, follow our instructor Chi's guidance to finish 15-minute exercise of self-listening.


Exercise 1 : Emotional support 101

Similar to ABC in first aid, there are basics to emotional emergencies. In this module, we will learn how to support our companion emotionally.Read more……

Exercise 2 : I connect

The openness and warmth in our heart is correlated to the closeness we are to ourselves. The closer we are connected to our heart, the better we can connect with others.Read more……

Exercise 3 : Empathetic listening (1/2)

Empathetic listening refers to holding an open, accepting, curious, compassionate heart. We need it to listen to the other person’s emotions, and to find out their innermost needs behind those emotions.Read more…..

Exercise 3 : Empathetic listening (2/2)

Empathetic listening depends on the following 3 dimensions. The key is about the state of your body and mind, rather than the technique..Read more….

Workshop Reviews: A dialogue with a stern me

【 English version is coming soon 】

Keynotes (Chinese Version)

'I-connect' Online Workshop
'Empathetic listening' Online Workshop by Siu Cho
'Talk to Hatred' Online Workshop
'Empathetic listening' Online Workshop by Ruby
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