Why T2T starts?

In 2019 the anti-extradition law movement delivered shocks and trauma unforeseen, especially for our youth.

Hong Kong young generation have been criticized as 'rioters' for a long time, no matter they stay at frontline or back up others. What they have undergone not only emotionally ups and downs, but also physical violence, breakdowns of family relationships and dark sides of systems. When the young generation no longer believe public power and their social belief collapse, social trauma is therefore formed.

When daily lives are ruined, how can we get back to normal? Facing social trauma, many are anxious to heal it by removing negative emotions and pausing conflicts; while we believe that as trauma is caused by society, we need to return to the origins of the problems. For example, learning self emotions, listening to companions, communicating with people holding different views, acknowledging power dynamics within groups and institutions. Finally, we are able to enacting social policies.

The social trauma exposed social problems, which provides us an outlet of social transformation.

Our beliefs and Goals

Though 2019 summer smashed our society and exposed dark sides of it, it also reflected our humane shine, ideals and values, which will rewrite Hongkonger' stories. We own the following long-term goals:

.Introduce the culture and awareness of non-violent communication to Hong Kong civil society

.Re-author Hong Kong stories by Narrative Practice and other methods to gain back possibilities and flexibilities of daily lives

.Seek the power of hope and transformation in Hong Kong civil society


Founder, Project Manager

Kidult, farming in leisure time and clay modelling when feeling bored. After 10-year working in Breakazine, she brought herself a radical revolution during historical turning points: finding new companions and developing a new T2T project. Her dream is transforming her beliefs and religion into words, graphics and videos and having conversations with the era.


Founder, Course Instructor

Non-violent Communication Practitioner, ICF Professional Coach in Transformation. Love discovering human's inner parts and stay sensitive with power of transformation. His core work is merging spirits and stances of Non-violent Communication and Internal Family Systems in personal, group and social transformation. He is proficient in leading and supporting personal healing and transformation.

Siu Cho

Founder, Course Instructor

Vegan, Middle-aged Hipster, University Lecturer, having a twin brother who is 5 minutes older than him. Joined social movements at early 20s and enjoy learning and sharing Non-Violent Communication in recent years. Especially keen on topics of social transformation from perspectives of innerself and society. 'We can make a difference' is his motto.


Course Instructor

Junior farmer, Non-Violent Communication Practitioner and translator. Enjoy accompanying others to walk through stages of healing and transformation. She keeps discovering awareness and skills which are essential for social transformation, and brings hope to the land, people and society.

Kim Ching Yip


Clinical Psychologist, Narrative Practitioner and promoter. Attached to the local tiny truth, goodness, beauty, faith, hope and love. He followed values of Narrative Practice to discover hidden life stories, disclose invisible oppression, defend invasive powers and echo tiny voices.



Full-time living, Part-time arts creation. Used to take part in different creative media projects and now trying a barter life. Draw the same mask man to make a living for years.



Filming, photographing, organising events, teaching, writing...Producer who create dialogues for self or others without limitations. Echo chamber is quite 'thick' and concerns LGBT issues. Prefer gaming or reading comics during leisure times while missing travel days during busy period.

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